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Impeccable and Fast Editing Assistance on Training Materials

Training materials are essential as they store information that trainers and facilitators use to show their students how to perform certain tasks. They also benefit the learners as they can refer to the materials when and learn how to perform tasks without relying on the trainers.

Training material can be in the form of training manuals or educational materials. Manuals carry information in the form of books while educational materials are in other forms such as PowerPoint presentations, drawings, diagrams and audiovisual materials.

Since training material has such an important role in instruction, the content should be error-free, easy to understand and well presented. offer training material editing service to remove errors and improve the presentation.  You may have extraordinary ability to produce training materials, but everyone makes mistakes.  

We will quickly locate that which is not right unlike you who because of the familiarity with work cannot notice some errors.  We have professional editors who clean up your work of mistakes, identify the weak points and help to improve them. The copy editor performs professional work as they look at what is in the training material unlike you who has an attachment to the content and end up thinking everything should be there. 

Our editing improves your training materials to make them stronger conveyors of information through better communication.

Our Training Materials Editors

All editors at have good academic training, strong skills in language use, and familiar with training materials. The editors have Master's and Doctorate degrees in fields relating to editing and training such as technical writing, Journalism, English, Business, etc. They have native English speakers from US and UK hence their thorough understanding of the proper usage of English grammar. Additionally, they have vast experience. Their combined experience in training materials editing for our editors is over 30 years. Before we select editors to join our team, they must pass our rigorous testing procedure to proof that they are capable of offering quality editing which the epitome is of our service.

Quality Assurance

It is our practice and commitment to over quality editing. We assure our customers of quality editing as we use professional editors who are committed to providing the best. Our editing staff has training in different career fields. When you seek our service, we match you with one of our editors from the same area as your training thrives because our editors use their familiarity with the subject to perform a front to end analysis of the work and determine the areas that need improving due to errors or weakness in the presentation.

Our editors leave nothing to chance and will check everything in the training material to ensure that it is at the right position. We back our service with 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee. If it does not conform to the order requirements, we offer free revision until we satisfy the client. If the free reviews fail to improve the quality of training material, we offer your money back.

Money back guarantee has put together skilled editors from various fields with the qualifications to edit training materials to the satisfaction of our clients. The caliber of our editors gives us the confidence to assure our customers of total satisfaction n in our editing and back our service with a money back guarantee. We commit to refund anyone who does not get satisfaction from our editing or receives an order later than the required turnaround.

Confused about Handling your Training Materials Editing? offer training material editing service to remove errors and improve the presentation. We have professional editors who clean up your work of mistakes, identify the weak points and help to improve them.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • We enhance readability 

    Training materials can be difficult to understand more so when describing highly technical materials.  If you have such material, your editor will wherever possible reduce the use of undefined jargon as it makes it easier to learners to understand the message.

  • We improve consistency assigns orders to expert editors in the subject as they can identify if the training materials that incorporate procedures and steps are in the logical order. In the process of editing, your editor will also write comment and suggestions that help to improve your work. He/she will use the opportunity to point out if your training material is leaving out some steps that you may assume are common sense, but they are helpful for novices. Our analysis will help you to determine if your material is passing new knowledge in an easy to understand way.


  • We increase visual appeal 

    Long training materials in print form can be monotonous to read if all they contain are page after of text. Our editing involves improving the appeal of your content for readers to find it interesting to read by various means such as introducing white space between extended portions of text to make it less intimidating. Some of the other methods we use to reduce to increase visual appeal include:

    • Use of bullets 
    • Introducing chapter or module dividers more so in page offsetting color 
    • Change font sizes and styles that are hard to read 
  • Test usability 

    In the process of editing, we perform usability test for training materials in non-written form.  As we deliver your edited work, we shall inform you whether everything is fully functional so that you can rectify anything that does not function right. If for instance, the parts of your training material are in a video with low audio levels, you will take steps to adjust it after reading our comments.


  • Timeliness  

    We know that training should be held at your planned time. When you order for editing from us, we assign it to an editor who is available to finish editing your order within the deadline you request. 



  • Qualified editors 

    We have subject experts with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in various professional fields. When we receive your order, the editing is by someone who has educational and career background in your subject.  A specialist in your training subject will know if the content is suitable and locate anything misplaced.  Your editor will also check and enhance language usage as this is someone who is a native English speaker and has passed a language certification test.



  • Round the clock service operates round the clock. You can order for our service at the most convenient time for you whether it is day or night and we will find the right editor for you.

  • Satisfaction guarantee

    We offer custom editing service to make everyone satisfied. We ensure that we fulfill your requirements and enhance the quality of your training material. We do not assign a new order to your editor so that he or she can give it undivided attention to editing your editing material until completion. If you are not satisfied with our editing, we offer a free re-edit 

  • Privacy guarantee does not share your personal information, payment detail and your training materials with unauthorized parties. We keep the information you provide to us in strict confidence and do not re-use any document in our possession.


  • We accept various formats 

    We accept most formats of document files such as MS Word, WordPad, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and other forms of audio and visual.

    Training materials should clear to understand without errors for trainees to understand the message easily. offers customized training material editing enhancing it to the right standard.



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Mariah A.

The personal attention I got from is amazing. I felt part of editing my training material as the editor consulted me to understand my requirements of the edited product and how I intended to use it. 

Mariah A.

Fashion Trainer

Ernest C.

I recommend to anybody looking for quality editing of training material. It has competent editors who perform extensive editing that raises standards of your training material. 

Ernest C.

IT Tutor, Spark College

Joy W.

I once again got PowerPoint training material editing from and was impressed by the fast and quality work. I will use the service when I require another editing. 

Joy W.

Interns Instructor, Aghakan Hospital

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