Custom Editing and Proofreading Services

Our Custom Academic Editing Services for Students.

Custom Academic Editing Services is a professional online editing and proofreading company offering services that help clients to improve the quality of their academic papers. Our service is tailored to combine quality and affordability provided by experienced editors.   The reason for establishing this service is to help students to improve their writing so that their tutors can award them depending on the significance of their ideas but not grammar issues.  

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Our Custom Personal Editing and Proofreading Services

Personal Editing and Proofreading

Our work is to edit and proofread personal work to make it look like a professional writer wrote it. We work  to improve your credibility by providing personalized editing and proofreading service. We treat each order on its merits. We help both native and English second language speakers to edit or proofread dozens of documents. Our team is made up of skilled copy-editors prepared to offer quality and personalized service. 

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Professional Corporate Editing Services

Formal Corporate Editing

Business writing is a significant part of any corporate and the quality of documents that it develops because readers consider them to be a reflection of quality. It is important that corporate writing captures the tone of your business. saves you from the embarrassment and consequences of poorly written business documents. We work with local, regional and international corporate.  

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Our Custom Author editing help

Authors Editing Help

Nothing waters down the credibility of your work than mistakes in your book, plays, poem or other written work. Your readers will look down upon your work if it has errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage. If you just authored a manuscript, publishers will not accept if it is full of errors. offers extensive editing and proofreading service to help the author in removing all the mistakes from their work.

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Custom English Language Editing

Custom ESL Editing

Is English your second language? An English speaking audience will quickly identify message your write, and it is unfortunate that many readers dismiss your brilliant ideas just because you might not have communicated them properly. Others will even make fun of the words that you have not used in the appropriate place. It is appropriate that people judge you work on its merit so that your writing is not in vain. 

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Professional Government Editing Services

Professional Government Editing

Governments have much information to pass part of communication, policy and blueprint.   Each department produces thousands of documents each year. Outsourcing editing and proofreading help governments to get the content of their work right as professional editors will not miss mistakes. offers are leading editing and proofreading service with professional and experienced editors

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Journal Articles Editing

A journal article is a short paper on a particular topic for publication in parts or issues of a journal.  Journals (also called periodicals) are scholarly publications containing articles by professors, researchers and other experts on the subject.  When writing a journal article, you must use a particular format and jargon because journals target academic or technical readers but not a general audience.

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Super Book Editing

A book manuscript requires careful editing for it to achieve its purpose. Writing a book takes several months, subconsciously filling your mind with contentment that everything is right.  The solution is to find a professional editor. fills the gap by offering excellent book editing services to improve your book manuscript. We remove inconsistencies, faulty logic, repetitions, grammar and other issues that writers fail to identify.

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Custom Master's Thesis Editing Services

Custom Master's Thesis Editing

It is important to determine if your thesis is up to the expectations rather than submit something that will only fetch you low grades or make your advisors ask for a revision.  To get a fair rating of your work, it is essential that you hire a professional editor. is a professional master’s thesis editing service with experience of many years. Most of them have an extensive examining and teaching experience.

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Our Guaranteed Editing Services

Our Editing Experience

Our editors uphold satisfying experience and analytical skills to attend your request and deliver to your expectation. 

Our key strengths include:



Subject Competence


language Consistency


Let us Help you with your Editing Work. fills the gap by offering excellent editing services to improve your work.

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Our Popular

Available Editing Services

  • Student Essay Editing

    Essay editing is not just for those with writing challenges. It is for everybody who wants to create an essay that will impress the instructor, may it be a lecturer, employer or a research work reporting. We have been editingessays for long, and we know what the instructor might be interested in your paper.We improve your writing to catch the eye of a reader with a unique writing without clichés

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  • Research Proposal editing Services

    A research proposal is a summary of a proposed research setting out the central questions and issues that you plan to address. It outlines the study area in which the research falls. A research proposal must convince the review committee to allow research for a Ph.D. thesis.

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  • Research Paper Editing

     We tailored to improve every aspect of a research paper and help clients to gain higher grades or credits. We guarantee you access to the expert editors. Our editors are from wide range academic fields. Therefore, you will find an expert to edit your research paper no matter your area of study.

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  • Dissertation Editing

    A dissertation is among the most important academic assignments in a student program. We have maintained our position as the leading service in dissertation editing by hiring most qualified personnel. We selects editors according to their knowledge they have in a particular domain. Our editors have at least a master’s degree and research writing experience for areas that they edit. We find an editor who knows the right referencing style for your domain. 

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  • Term Paper Editing

    A term paper is part of academic writing whose objective is to increase knowledge and understanding about particular issues. Our professional team document editors will take their time to determine whether your work achieves the core aspects required. Usually, the deadline to review a scholarly article is short. Our are usually editors are time conscious. We will choose an editor we are certain understands the subject and can complete editing your review before the precise delivery time.

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  • Article Review Editing

    An academic article undergoes peer review before publishing by an expert in the field before giving approval for publication. Whether you are that expert who reviews before publication or you are discussing a published article, it is essential to portray a thorough understanding of the content for your readers to believe in your review. We assign an editor with knowledge in the article’s topic to determine if you got the message right. The editor will keenly read the scholarly article and your review to determine if there are facts that you got wrong and performed the necessary revisions.

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Monassa Lisa

Monassa Lisa

Senior Editor

We work to impress all our clients worldwide. We do not disappoint.

Tydelle Jones

Tydelle Jones

Head of Department, medicine Projects

Our nursing and medicine specialist ensure that your piece is perfectly edited and detailed enough for professionalism.

Zuhura Lyan

Zuhura Lyan

Fashion Writer

We keep you fashion articles on the point in terms of editing. We ensure the target audience really understand and appreciate the information.

Joe Mick

Joe Mick

IT Projects Supervisor

We ensure your technical editing requests are in order and worth your credits.


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