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A proposal is an essential document with a significant purpose for projects by outlining procedures and plans and procedures to use to achieve the intended purpose. Proposals are far shorter than the documents arising from the proposed research but are crucial. A research proposal helps to determine acceptance to an academic program for advanced study, help you in writing a thesis that is essential for adding knowledge to your area of study or even help in acceptance of your application for funding of scholarly research. offers professional proposals editing and proofreading services. We will help you to edit all types of proposals including those for research, technical, financial, publication and business projects among many others. Our procedure is simple. You submit your proposal, and we will assign it to an expert in your field for editing that enhances the quality and persuasion.  

Our editing team is made up of specialists in English who also understand the proper form and style for presenting specific professional and scholarly proposals.

Our editing involves checking and correcting different portions of a proposal including:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Formatting

We also offer comments that assist in improving the way to explain your plans and ideas. Our editing is comprehensive to turn your ideas into a proposal into a successful physical and intellectual product that demonstrates the practicability, feasibility and value of the ideas it contains.

Our Proposal Editing Team

The role of is to provide complete editing from grammar to formatting. Our editors have native level fluency in British or American English. You only need to state the English version you want for your final proposal, and we get an editor with fluency in that area. All our editors have accomplished language and academic specialists who have gone through stringent vetting to prove that they are suitable to join our team. Each has either a Master's or doctorate in a specialist field. In addition to participating in editing, some of them are still active in their specialty fields teaching or conducting research hence they possess firsthand experience on writing a fitting proposal. Others are retired academicians. The editors also have much experience in writing quality content for a proposal and other work. A large number of the editors have published or edited work in journals, books, and articles in professional publications. Their experience and conscientious editing have helped numerous authors in various regions of the world to receive funding or acceptance for publication of their work.

Quality Assurance is a legitimate service, and we have been a market leader for long as we deliver the quality we promise. We achieve high standards by assigning your work to an experienced editor with specialty skills in the subject of your writing. After that, a more experienced editor reviews the project to make sure that it is well-edited. If there are issues with editing or proofreading quality, we work with you to make them right in a free revision. If you are still unsatisfied, we refund your money. All orders have a satisfaction guarantee.

Money back guarantee

Since we offer legitimate editing service, the editors we assign orders are well qualified and experienced to edit proposals for their respective fields. We have full confidence in our editing staff and it is the reason for including a money back guarantee for each order. In case we deliver your edited proposal late without genuine reason or when it does not meet your expectations, the concerned clients are entitled to a refund of their payment if we cannot address the problem with free revision.

Getting Challenge Editing your Proposal Well? offers professional proposals editing and proofreading services. We will help you to edit all types of proposals including those for research, technical, financial, publication and business projects among many others.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • Supportive customer support has a committed customer support team ready to assist our clients with information and answers to questions regarding our services round the clock. You can reach them through live chat,   phone numbers, email address and social media platforms on our website. When you contact us, one of our customer representatives will take up your issue and provide you with the necessary assistance in shortest possible time.


  • Comprehensive editing

    The editing team is made up of professional editors determined to perform the best editing. They leave nothing to chance as their editing covers all areas of a proposal including:

    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Adherence to the style guides such as Chicago, Turabian, MLA or APA.
    • Consistency and clarity of ideas
    • Word choice 
    • Repetitions and redundancy 
    • Sentence structure 
    • Tone and passive voice 
    • Flow and structure 
    • Conciseness
    • Headings 
    • Formatting of diagrams, tables, and charts
    • Subject verb and tense agreement 
    • Industry-specific terminology 
  • Professional and experienced editors 

    Our editors are highly professional individuals with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in different fields. When you upload a proposal for editing, editing manager finds an expert in the field of your project who knows what it takes to make your research proposal all set for submission. Our editors have close to 50 years of combined experience in editing proposals. They will look at your proposal and determine what it takes to get each detail right.  Our assurance is that we will match your proposal with an expert in its subject who the editing manager knows has the capability to make your research proposal ready for presentation the first time.

  • Free sample 

    Need to certify our editing capacity before making an order? We provide free samples. Mention the kind of proposal you want and upload it. We edit a small section for you to check our performance.

  • Personalized Editing knows that customers have different needs. We offer personalized editing to match demand and expectations of each client. After receiving your proposal, we carefully go through the editing instructions, and if anything is not clear such as the writing style you require or your target readers, we seek clarifications. Instructions help us to improve your proposal to the extent that impresses the target reader. We choose the editor who we know will follow your instructions and meet your deadline.

  • Fair pricing 

    The cost of editing a proposal is pocket-friendly. We charge our price according to word count and deadline.  You can get an appropriate quote by uploading the document and filling your deadline on the order page. It is the only amount we will charge. There are no other secret charges.

  • Ability in editing all proposals 

    We have got skilled editors for editing all sorts of proposals whether they are for seeking funding or approval of a project. We can modify proposals for technical, research, business projects, etc.

  • We enhance proposals by ESL editors 

    We have native English editors who understand the writing style of their fellow native speakers but also that of the English as second language speakers and the common grammar mistakes they make when writing.   Our editors check the subtle nuances of idiom, tone, typos and other unconscious grammar errors that affect ESL writers.

  • Quality editing 

    Our proposals editing is of high quality as we use well qualified and trained editors with a commitment to amend all the wrong parts of a proposal.  After the editing process, more experienced editors review the work to determine if it met the standards necessary for a proposal to impress the target readers.

  • Free revisions or money back 

    If our editing fails to meet the required standards or your instructions, we offer free revisions to fulfill the needs of unsatisfied customers. If we still fail to meet the requirements after free reviews, we refund your payments. offers completely confidential editing for all types of proposals. Our aim is to improve your proposal to convince target readers to approve professional and scholarly projects or funding. 

Submit Your Editing Request 

 Emmanuel A.

I thank for professionalism.  Your editor performed wonderful editing. He helped to eliminate errors that I did not think that they existed in my proposal. The post editing comments and suggestions will help me in future writing.

Emmanuel A.

Associate, Mayenn Environmental ventures, UK

Nancy W.

I got an editor from my field which was an advantage as he did more than checking grammar by enhancing the content and reducing the length by   removing the unnecessary sections that were not adding value. I will use editing service when I complete my project. 

Nancy W.

Phd Student, Harvard

Evans C.

I am grateful to after the acceptance of my research proposal.   I got instructions to amend my first draft, and after your editing help, I did not have further problems. I recommend this editing service to anyone who has a proposal as it will enhance the content and quality before you submit. 

Evans C.

Senior Marketer, Cytonn Investment

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