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A press release is a brief compelling news story by public relations professional for sending to target members of the media. The aim is to arouse the interest by a publication or journalist.  Both receive numerous press releases hence it is essential that your press release stands out from the rest. helps to improve the quality and outlook of your press release for it to relate facts of your story in journalistic and newsworthy means that grabs the attention of target readers. We ensure your new release tells the story in a compelling language and answers all the essential questions that help a journalist to produce a good story.   At the end of our editing, your press release will answer these essential questions for a news story:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

Our editors have journalistic and public relations background. They know what makes a professional press release with a news angle. We amend everything that requires improvement from the headline, the content of the story it relays to the citation of quotes and sources. We guarantee our customers of a professional service that helps your press release to garner much attention as it is the way to achieve more distribution..

Our Press Release Editors

It is trickier to write an attention-grabbing press release. A poorly written press release will reduce the credibility of an organization. The input of a professional editor is essential in determining the suitability of a press release and improving the presentation. editing team comprises of committed editors with Masters or Doctorate degrees in journalism and public relations. They also have experience in press release writing and editing. Most of them have served in large media houses and PR companies. They know the right wording, news angles and format for a success press release. They also know how to make a press release credible and it is the reason they will establish if the information you present is realistic.

Any editor working for goes through thorough vetting to proof a high level of accuracy, knowledge of journalism and PR field generally and in relation to the press release. We also gauge their ability to write highly readable release for reading by the general republic and for search engine optimization for the purpose of reaching the intended audience.

Some of our editors also have training in other fields on top of journalism and public relations thus enhancing their capacity to determine the best content/angle for a press release about the field.

Quality Assurance has a total commitment to quality. We assign editing to communication consultants with training in journalism PR and many years experience in packaging press releases. We send you a copy with tracked changes and comments for you to determine if we met your expectations. If we did not, you will get free revisions until we satisfy you since each order includes a satisfaction guarantee.

Money back guarantee

Each editing order includes a money back guarantee. You will get a refund of your payment if we do not edit your press release to your satisfaction according to initial instructions or we fail to deliver on stated deadline.

Are You in Need of a Custom Press Release Editing? helps to improve the quality and outlook of your press release . Our editors have journalistic and public relations background. They know what makes a professional press release with a news angle.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • Credibility has a commitment to provide the highest quality of press release. We do not use amateur editors but only assign orders to those who know how to use a journalistic tone and content to deliver desired results. Our track record is proof that we provide authentic and high-quality editing service. All in our team know how to polish relevance and suitability of information to address your target readers.   Our approach is to use seasoned editors with proven skills to make busy customers, reporters, and editors notice your news release soon after you send it.

  • Versatility 

    We do not just edit press releases for publications alone. Our editors double up as experts in turning your thoughts, facts and data to a well-written news release in media ready style for online readership.  We tailor your content to make it attractive in converting traffic to your website and make your news release to appear in the leading news sources on the web thus helping your organization to enjoy a higher search engine ranking.

  • Editing to newsworthy standard   enhances news releases to news worth standard for quick noticing and publication by reporters and editors as they do not need to do further editing. We do not deliver news stories or articles until we are sure that they fit publication standards.  Our editors also make useful comments on a word and language usage. We inform you and remove words that promote hatred, violence, racism, discrimination or any other illegal activities. The comments cover content that is potentially harmful or damaging to third parties too. The intention is to save your news release from rejection by publications websites or editors. It also saves your organization from damaging its reputation by publishing something that offends the readers and may even lead to a lawsuit.


  • Unique editing and proofreading 

    Our editing is specific to the needs of your organization and the readers that your press release is targeting.

  • Cost effective solution 

    In spite of our effort to provide excellent editing service, we do it at most cost effective price with measurable results. Our editing includes proofreading by our revise editors as we cannot risk sending a press release without determining if it was well-edited.  We base our pricing on word count and turnaround without any other surprise cost.

  • Editors with high qualifications and experience 

    Due to commitment for efficiency and quality, hires experienced MA and Ph.D. editors with training in journalism and public relations. We use a stringent process to select copy editors and assign editing to the best-fit editor for your project.  Also, we conduct training sessions for new and seasoned editors to acquaint them with developments in press release requirements especially in this era of online publishing.

  • Fast turnaround 

    Our editing team is adequate and dedicated to handling all our orders within the required deadline. No job is too small or big for our pool of editors. We guarantee you of quality editing within your preferred period even for large volume or multiple press releases.

  • Easy order process 

    To place an order, you only need to access website and you will find a guided order form. You will fill basic information including the word count, turnaround, keywords you want in your press release so that we do not delete any and other special instructions.

  • Double check

    Our Editors know the way to edit news release to meet the needs of the intended audience.  It is then passed onto highly skilled copy editors to check if the first editor amended every aspect of the news release including grammar, accuracy, and format.

  • Privacy and security

    We never reveal your press release to unauthorized parties. We have encrypted our website to safeguard the files you upload to our website.  The payment system handles payment transactions in a secure way via PayPal, debit and credit card.

    The positive feedback that our clients provide with our editing services and the success they achieve with their press releases is a testament that is a reliable service.  

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White J. 

I recommend to those in the Publication Relations business.  I deal with brand management, and you help me a great deal in editing by press releases that I write in a hurry to be attractive for a large number of my target media, personalities and consumers. Due to your editing, none of my press releases got a ‘black out’.  


White J. 

Motivational Speaker, Chicago

Edward L.

I did not know how to make my news release SEO friendly until you edited it to include relevant keywords.     I am delighted with your editing for turning my press release to a newsworthy piece with relevant keywords that top search engines picked moments after posting. 

Edward L.


 Tracy C.

I am a communications expert. My clients are all thanks for the number of media outlets that use their press releases and subsequent inquiries. I attribute part of the success to editing by and will continue using your service. 

Tracy C.

Media Anchor, BBC

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