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The purpose of personal documents is to communicate something to the person who matters.   They should be well-written as those little errors will detract the readers from the message. In this era of text messages, people make many mistakes when it comes to writing formal English. is helping people to present themselves well by removing their grammar, spelling or typos. Our work is to edit and proofread personal work to make it look like a professional writer wrote it.

Our work is to improve your credibility by providing personalized and impeccable editing and proofreading service. We treat each order on its merits. We help both native and English second language speakers to edit or proofread dozens of documents including:


  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • CV
  • Essay
  • Application
  • Speech
  • Personal statement
  • Report
  • Presentation
  • Letter
  • Email
  • Memo
  • Personal profile
  • Dating profile

We also edit and proofread blogs.

Our Personal Documents Editors has expert editors to check your document. These qualities help our copy editors to offer quality serve our clients in the best way:

  • Relevant qualifications:

    Our team is made up of skilled copyeditors prepared to offer quality and personalized service. It is made up of MA and PhDs with several years of experience. Our editors are native English speakers fluent in the language and writing styles for different documents. The editors take a strict to prove their ability. They also undergo regular training and coaching to ensure that they are consistent in meeting client requirements.

  • Experience :

    Our professional editors have experience of several years in offering personal editing services. When you send your work, they edit text by eliminating errors. Their experience helps them to determine the level of its impact to your target readers. If it does not, they improve clarity, uniformity, and consistency of your content. They also know the right structure for various personal documents and always enhance that after amending the text.

  • Native English speakers :

    Editors hires native English speakers who exhibit strong language and communication skills who know the right wording to use for any personal document. It is an essential skill for enhancing clarity of the message and helping ESL community to uplift the quality of their work to standards by native speakers. The editors have higher fluency that ordinary native speakers hence have greater ability to locate errors that other people cannot.

  • Commitment to quality and timeliness:

    All editors have a commitment to deliver a perfectly edited or proofread piece and will do everything to enhance the quality of the order. Their commitment ensures that their editing or proofreading is highly accurate. They are also strict in observing deadlines to ensure that they complete on time.

Quality Assurance is not in the business for profitability alone. We have a much concern about the satisfaction of our customers. If any part of our service or editing does not impress you, please inform us for a swift resolution of your issue. If you feel that the editor did not revise certain parts of your documents according to your wish, we will amend them for free. We have a high commitment to quality, and that is why each order included a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our and free revisions, we will refund your full pay.

Money back guarantee

When offers quality and satisfaction guarantee, it ensures that the editors meet all the requirements of the clients. If your order for our service and you get a document that does not fulfill all your instructions, we will offer a free revision to your satisfaction. If this still fails to satisfy you, we will refund your payment.

You in Need of a Formal Interactive Editor?

We understand that everyone will require an editor at one time. We offer our services 24/7 to handle your editing requests.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • We save your time

    Editing documents you wrote takes long as you have a feeling that they are best and it takes long to identify mistakes. Most likely you will miss most of them. It also takes longer to find friends with time and expertise to proofread your work. will save your time as you just place an order and we immediately assign it to a professional who has much to improve your writing without interruption. A professional editor know what it takes to improve quality hence will complete the work faster. We guarantee you off quick turnaround and competent editing.



  • We comply with deadlines 

    Our commitment to quality customer service obliges us to fulfill deadlines. We know that deadlines are highly important for our clients.   We have designed our service in a way that allows efficient, timely delivery of quality work. 



  • Round the clock service 

    You can reach us and order for proofreading or editing at any time. customer support and editors work in shifts, and there will always be a specialist in the line of your order to start working on your order soon after you make your payments. Working round the clock also helps us to complete and deliver orders within agreed deadline



  • Customized service

     Each document is different from others. We personalize our service to meet individual requirements for every client so that at the end of revising, a record stands out for uniqueness and suits the purpose for which its owner intends to utilize it.



  • Clear pricing 

    We charge affordable prices without any hidden cost.  You will submit your document; fill the word count and preferred turnaround on the order form to get a non-obligatory price quote. It is the exact amount we will charge. 



  • Our editing and proofreading is thorough does not just check and improve grammar. Our editors always go further and revise technical issues.  They even enhance clarity, sentence structure, tone, and font & number style. If the assignment requires formatting in particular reference style, we correct it to fit the instructed style.




  • Samples

    Find samples of our editing and proofreading on our website for you to determine the quality of our work before you make an order. You can even get specific samples by the editor we choose for your written work before commencing the editing or proofreading.



  • Timely deliveries 

    You will never get your order late. Rapid editing and delivery of the orders are among our core principles.


  • Confidentiality 

    Our value for integrity pushes to ensure there is strict privacy for our services. We never share your documents and ensure there is strict confidentiality in your payment. After delivering your work, you retain the credit and copyright for your paper.



  • Satisfaction guarantee 

    We love to reproduce documents that completely satisfy your needs. We track and highlight the changes we make so that you determine if they fit your requirements. You can accept or reject those that do not meet your needs. In case we do not meet your needs,   we will address your issues in a free revision.    We believe in 100% satisfaction or offer the money back.

    Before submitting a personal document at any place, it is important to ensure that it is of high quality in the text, grammar, structure, and format. will help to enhance everything about you wrote work through quality editing/proofreading to make it a gem for the readers. 



Submit Your Editing Request 

Mike L.

I thank you for improving my personal statement.  You sharpened the way I presented information, and I am now getting positive response wherever I send it. 


Mike L.

Parents Magazine Writer, UK

Jones K.

I recommend to blog owners. I wrote in a hurry and was making many mistakes that I failed to identify until ordered for proofreading. Since then, my blog has more readers who are happier with the quality of content. 

Jones K.

Blog Writer

Paulina T.

 English is my second language, and my documents failed to make an impact because of grammar issues. Since I started using, the quality of work has improved. I have also learned to use better English by observing changes. 

Paulina T.

ESL Student, Carlifonia

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