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Expert and Prompt Editing Support on Market Plans

A marketing plan is an essential, crucial marketing blueprint that outlines those marketing and advertising efforts that the company intends to employ in the coming year. It is a description of the business activities that will help to accomplish specific marketing objectives in a particular time frame. As an entrepreneur or business manager, it is essential to have a marketing plan.  

The challenge among most business persons is that they are good in crunching numbers but weak in creating documents. Editors360.com offers an excellent solution by editing the kind of business plan you create to polish the way of communicating actions and steps you will take to achieve business goals in a clear way.  We have editors with a business background with a deep understanding of writing business plans that show a proper knowledge of the target market, key demographics and the way your strategies will help the business to succeed.


Our Marketing plans editors

Editors360.com has meticulous Master's and Ph.D. editors with training and experience in business marketing field. Most of them began as writers hence understand every aspect of writing a proper business plan. We turn your marketing plan to a document that impresses investors and employees to believe in your ideas.

Business plans are formal documents that require presentation in proper grammar. Editors360.com editing team comprises of native English speakers from UK and US. They have an excellent understanding of grammar usage and the right terminology in the context. Different editors have a better understanding of certain types of businesses. We assign your business plan to an editor with vast knowledge in your type of business and the demographics. Your editor will use the knowledge to customize the marketing plan to make it suitable for your readers. They also any instructions you provide into consideration and give guidelines on any instruction that reduces the impact of a business plan.

Our editors know how to include everything necessary for your business in a concise and clear format.

We polish all these essential sections of a marketing plan.

  • Marketing research:

    Shows the market patterns, dynamics, customers and the sales volume for your industry.

  • Competition information:

    Describes how your organization will outperform the competition and steps to take to become a market leader.

  • Marketing strategies:

    Includes information on direct marketing, advertising, trade shows, website or training programs among others

  • Budget:

    Reviews financial situation of the organization and allocates funding for a marketing plan. The budget controls the strategies.

  • Goals:

    Quantifiable marketing goals for instance how to increase the number of clients over a certain period

  • Monitoring of marketing plan results:

    Identifies the working and non-working strategies when analyzing current position for the business organization.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Editors360.com is a business hence we understand needs of business owners and the importance of business plans than ordinary editors. Our investment is highly trained, and experienced business plans editors enable us to provide quality editing. They quickly identify errors and know what to change and improve the quality without changing your message. A team of more experienced editors checks edited business plans to be sure that your editor met the expectations. Each order includes free revisions if we fail to meet expectations.

Money back guarantee

The commitment of editors360.com is to offer quality editing service that totally satisfies you. We assign editing to experts in business documents for quality work. Our confidence in our editors is the reason we have a money back guarantee for each order. If our first edit and subsequent re-edits do not rectify the oversight of our editor, you will get your money back. It is also our commitment to deliver orders on time or refund your pay if we are late.

Are You Getting a Challenge on Editing Your Marketing Plan?

Editors360.com offers an excellent solution by editing the kind of business plan you create to polish the way of communicating actions and steps you will take to achieve business goals in a clear way.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • We understand the proper outline 

    Editors360.com will look at your business plan and determine the most suitable outline. We edit both the outline and content to fit your organizational needs. We comb through your marketing plan to ensure that it conclusively addresses all the important areas of a marketing plan including market research, competition, marketing strategies, goals and monitoring of results.

  • We match your business needs 

    Our editors will edit your marketing plan according to the needs of your organization to make it unique from what others present

  • Access to expert native English editors 

    We recruit editors with at least an MBA to fulfill our commitment is to provide the best editing service. All are native English speakers from UK and US   with higher than average language fluency to ensure that grammar, word usage, punctuation, and sentence structure is proper. You can even request your business plan to be in British or American English, and we will find a native speaker of your preferred language. Language proficiency by our editors also helps them to improve the quality of grammar for business plans prepared by English Second Language speakers. 

  • We assign orders to specialists

    Editors360.com considers the background knowledge and experience before assigning an order. We will match you with an editor who has exposure to your kind of business for a reasonable time to know if all the contents of your business plan are making sense. When choosing an editor, we find one with background information on how your kind of business runs.   We can even provide the credentials of an editor on request.

  • Large team with varied backgrounds 

    The availability of editors with experience in different types of businesses helps us to handle editing requirements of business plans for organizations dealing with various activities.

  • Customer friendly service 

    Our customer support service runs 24/7. You can access our representatives through live chat, email, phone or social media for quick response to your request and answers to questions.    They also help to facilitate quick communication between editors and customers.

  • Double checking of orders

     A senior and more experienced revise editor check orders after editing to determine if it helped to eliminate the errors and improve the outlook of the business plan.   The role of revise editors is to check all the content to ensure that no mistake is left out.

  • Timely editing 

    Editors360.com ensures that all the business plan editing is completed on time for you to get your work before the deadline.  Our record in delivering orders on time is excellent. If there something unexpected and beyond our ability, we communicate to you about it early enough, take necessary steps to assign another editor to complete the editing fast as possible.

  • Free revision 

    We do everything to provide the highest quality of business editing. If by any chance you receive a plan of activities without proper editing or there is a failure to observe some of your instructions, you should inform us immediately, and you will get a free revision.

  • Confidentiality

    Business organizations are skeptical about someone who is not part of them getting privy to their information. We maintain the confidentiality of business plans in our possession hence there is no way the content can reach your competitors. We have secure servers and system to safeguard the process of uploading your document for sending to our website from unauthorized access

    Editors360.com lives up to its promise of providing quality editing of business plans by expert editors in the line of your commerce. That is our reason for backing our service with money back guarantee.

Submit Your Editing Request 

Dinah W.

Thanks for sending me a well-edited business plan.  It is now to the specific standard that I needed. I would not have achieved it on my own and will use your help to edit the rest of my business documents. 

Dinah W.

Senior Entrepreneur, Newyork

Annabel F.

 I recommend Editors360.com to fellow business to persons engaging in business for a superior understanding of grammar and the way business documents ought to be. They totally improve my business plans anytime I order for editing. 

Annabel F.

MD, Skyline Business

 Tim B.

I am grateful to Editors360.com for a thorough editing of my business plan and friendly service.  My flawless document left my target investors highly impressed and are now considering my proposals.

Tim B.

Manager,Dashmain Cosmetics,UK

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