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A manual is a list of instructions with guidance on how to do something or using a product.  Manuals provide detailed information on how to operate and maintain a product. For instance, a machine has an operator’s manual while a car has an owner’s manual. It is usually in a handbook.  Writing a manual is a tricky affair as it must communicate to readers with and without technical knowledge about a product.

You may write a manual that is too complicated to understand or focus too much on technicalities and forget grammar or other factors that help in readability of a document. saves manufacturers and technical writers from writing manuals that are full of errors or cannot communicate the message to the users. We have enough experience and editors to edit manuals whether they are for training, briefing, user guide or providing an operational and procedural update. We shall improve your manual to provide a broader overview of the subject and make the information appealing and quick to comprehend. offers manuals editing to manufacturing companies of all sizes providing the same level of high-quality service. We help many organizations to produce manuals that communicate to users of their products in an efficient way.

We edit all sorts of manuals including:

  • Software manual
  • Product manual
  • Training manual
  • Quality manual
  • Technical manual

Our Manuals Editing Editors

Our editors are Master’s and Ph.D. degree holders in various technical fields and a proper mastery of the English language. They check the text thoroughly to eliminate grammar errors, repetitions, and other mistakes to create smooth, logical flow within the content. They also rephrase and revise sentence structure and enhance word choice. offers comprehensive editing even for the most complicated manuals because our editors have these essential qualities:

  • Subject expertise:

    We consider manuals a special editing project that requires someone with a technical background. We have editors with a background in different areas of technology. After receiving an order, we assign it to an editor with knowledge in the same technical area as the manual.

  • Correlating ability:

    Copy editors at give particular attention to the correlated parts of a manual manuscript and decide the proper position to place them in a manual. They perform an intensive job by checking the numbering of footnotes, cross references, illustrations, and tables to determine if they relate well against captions. Your editor will also check if they are at the position shown in the table of contents.

  • Perfect grammar checkers :

    A manual should be in proper errors English that does not give readers a challenge to read through the text. Editing experts at are native English speakers with a proper understanding of grammar rules. They also have gone through training on proofreading and editing content. These editors quickly find grammar and textual errors then correct them instantly. Your editor will scrutinize the sentence arrangement, layout, content structure and flow. The editor will go through every part of the content to make it informative, meet your objective and promote your company.

  • Perfect grammar checkers :

    Adherence to instructions Our editors do not work in isolation. They follow your instructions to meet your desires on how you want the manual to look like. If you have an in-house style guide at your organization, they will follow strictly follow it up. After editing the content, you editor will enhance the structure, tone, and style to ensure that they are consistent your organization’s style.

Quality Assurance

Our editors work closely with a quality editor who proofread manuals after editing to determine if the fit the instructions and if the editing meets the quality that makes your manual to stand out from those produced by your competitors. We always offer free revisions if the manual editing has unattended issues until we fully meet client requirements.

Money back guarantee

The intention of is to eliminate all errors in your manual and improve it to meet it relevant and appealing to your readers. If we fail to meet your expectations, you are entitled to free revision. If the revision fails to mend the problem, we give a full refund. You will also get a full refund if we do not complete your editing on time.

If our editing does not satisfy you, we give you the option to ask for revisions until you get satisfied. We offer this service free. Our editing or proofreading service includes a money back guarantee. If there are genuine reasons that make us fail to satisfy you by editing and follow-up revision, we refund your payment.

Do you require Simplified Editing on Your Manual?

We have enough experience and editors to edit manuals whether they are for training, briefing, user guide or providing an operational and procedural update.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • Expert editors has well-trained editors with MA and Ph.D. degrees in various career fields and relevant skills in creating accurate, appealing and clear manuals. The editing department comprises of industry professionals, researchers, language editors, designers and creative thinkers among others. These individuals from different backgrounds work as a team to complement the efforts by one of them. At the end of the editing, all sections of your manual will have a tremendous improvement.

  • Quick turnaround 

     We respect deadlines agreed upon with our clients. Since we have an adequate number of editors, we find someone knowledgeable in the technical aspects of your manual to start editing soon after you make your payment. Our editors and the entire team are committed to timely completion and delivery of orders. 

  • We customize manuals for readers 

    In the course of editing manuals, we consider the readers whom they are targeting an edit them to appeal to the readers. We can even customize them to fit needs of users in particular regions and countries. For instance, we can edit English to fit the preference of readers who use British or American English. We also amend the tone according to the purpose of the manuals. If a manual is about the use of a product in a hospital,  the editor uses a serious tone but will choose an informal or humorous tone for a manual on operating a  child’s toy

  • Combined expertise in technology and  language team is competent in grammar usage and technical jargon in their areas of specialty. You will get an editor who understands the special words and phrases in the technical field of your manual in addition to knowledge on usage of proper English words that communicate concepts accurately. The editor utilizes this advantage to simplify and reduce use jargon for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the discipline.

  • Variety has editors to revise all sorts of manuals. We can edit software, quality, product, technical and employee training manuals.

  • Free Sample editing 

    We will perform a free sample editing of a small section of your manual for you to test the quality of our editing. We also have numerous samples of fully edited manuals for you to check our ability.

  • Superior customer supports 

    Our customer support team works round the clock attending to inquiries through live chat email and phone to provide satisfactory feedback within a short time.  Our customer representatives can also provide you with a price quote and assist you through the order process.

  • Fair pricing 

    We charge reasonable prices depending on a turnaround, word count, and your manual. We provide you instant no obligation quote after filling order details and preferred deadline.  We do not ask for any other fee. 

  • Free revisions 

     If our editing falls short of your requirements, we will offer a free revision to meet your all your needs.

  • We maintain confidentiality and privacy website is secure to prevent access to private information or payment details by unauthorized parties. Our security level also helps to secure your manual as you upload it our website from your computer for editing

    All editing services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we do not meet your requirements, we offer free revision or money back.

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David O

I thank you for fine editing.  My manuals are now easy for everyone to read unlike before when they were so technical. 


David O

Staff, Mechanics agency, Dubai

Brett H.

I recommend to anyone creating a product manual.  Most of us technicians make a lot of grammar mistakes, but the editors here locate and amend all. 

Brett H.

Professional Engineer, Maritime Construction

 Michael S.

I am grateful to my editor at for fast editing of my employee manual. Ii had a lot of mistakes, and I needed to use it the following it. I got a highly improved error free document the same day.

Michael S.

IT Staff, Better Solutions, Canada

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