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A journal article is a short paper on a particular topic for publication in parts or issues of a journal.  Journals (also called periodicals) are scholarly publications containing articles by professors, researchers and other experts on the subject.  When writing a journal article, you must use a particular format and jargon because journals target academic or technical readers but not a general audience. Failure to observe the regulations leads to automatic rejection of your article. After writing your article, will help you to edit it so that editors consider it on the merits of the content and relevance. It would be bad if you spend your time to research and write for a journal that rejects your work because of minor errors. We will choose an editor with a background in the subject of your journal to locate if it has grammar errors and if the content is relevant to the publication you want to publish the work.

Our Journal Article Editors

Editors at posses the qualities necessary for journal article editing.

  • Knowledge of different citation styles:

    Journal articles should have current research on the subject and review of its developments. You must include an extensive list of references. A peer review preceded publication of journal articles hence your work will not be approved if the referencing is wrong. Our editors are familiar with various citation styles. During editing and proofreading, they will check whether you have referenced everything in the right manner. If some of the references are wrong, they know the right way to make amendments.

  • Mastery of the article's subject :

    Our editors are well-educated individuals with Master's and Ph.D. degrees in their respective fields. We choose an editor from your field to edit or proofread your article. The editors will act as a peer as he or she can determine if the article has relevant original research and if it adds knowledge on the current developments in the field. These are the issues that the peers who will review your journal article will be checking to determine its suitability for publication. Moreover, your editor will ensure that the citation for of your work and the bibliography are all right.

  • Language expertise : has native English MA and Ph.D. editors with through understanding of English usage. Their mastery of the language enables them to find errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure. They polish your language to meet the standards of a journal.

  • Experience in editing journal articles :

    Each person in the editing team has some professional experience in revising journal articles. Some of them have worked as editors at top journals before joining It is a plus for our clients as there is a guarantee for extensive editing or proofreading by someone knowledgeable. The experienced by our editors enables them to focus on important aspects of your writing such as structure, effectiveness, and clarity in addition to the main arguments. Your editor relies on the expertise to identify the misplaced or complex sentences and rephrase them in a professional style.

Quality Assurance

At, our happiness is to satisfy our clients. We ensure that you get the best by allocating your order to an editor with familiarity to the subject of your article. A quality check by one of our senior review editors follows up the editing or proofreading process to reveal if met the instructions. We offer free revisions if your order does not meet expectations.

Money back guarantee

The peak of our service is to give our customers value for money. We assure our customers of satisfaction with our editing and proofreading. If we do not get it the first time, we offer free revisions, but if it does not meet expectations, you get a full refund of your payment.

Looking for a Professional editors to Refine Your Journal Articles?

Our editors are well-educated individuals with Master's and Ph.D. degrees in their respective fields. We choose an editor from your field to edit or proofread your article.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • We hire professional editors employs copy editors who meet our specific requirements on academic background, skill set and work experience. Each holds an MA or Ph.D. degree and a proven track record in working on scientific documents.  Before we hire editors, they must pass our stringent tests.



  • We choose a specialist to edit the work 

    Our editors from various fields and will choose the one who understands the level of English and subject proficiency necessary for publication of an article to ensure that your work reaches the standards. We allocate orders to the most suited editor with a background in the scientific or technical area relating to the subject matter of your journal article.  The editor understands the right context for your article and the necessary editing or proofreading. 

  • We focus on both grammar and technical or scientific editing 

    Our editing is comprehensive to concentrate on all features of your article.   We perform language and scientific editing. The first focuses on grammar, spelling, and phrasing. Scientific/technical editing improves your content to express the specific ideas to the target audience in a better way.

  • Transparent terms and pricing 

    When you fill your order details, we provide an instant price quote based on your deadline and word count for you to know the cost in advance.  We do not have other secret costs. Our terms of service are on our web site for you know the kind of service to expect before making a commitment.


  • Communication with your editor accepts your views on editing or proofreading as it helps them to fulfill your obligations. If some of your instructions are ambiguous, your editor will seek clarifications or include a recommendation on the edited file with tracked changes. We love feedback by customers as it helps us to know their needs and gauge their satisfaction level by our service and editor


  • Custom editing 

    It is not everyone who has similar requirements. We tailor our journal editing service to match the unique requirements by each of our clients.  Inform us your requirements, and we will find an editor to meet your expectations.



  • Compliance with deadlines   editors work fast but do not compromise with editing quality. We will deliver your order before the deadline you chose when placing the order elapses.

  • Review of edited work

    Soon after completing your editing, the editor will forward your article to the quality assurance team. A, more experienced editor will revise the extent of editing or proofreading to establish if it meets your requirements


  • Privacy   and confidentiality

    We do not reveal personal information for our clients. Your order, payment details or other conservation is confidential, and we never reveal it third parties. No one will know that you sought our service.


  • Responsive customer support 

    Our customer support staff responds to inquiries and questions by our clients fast. You can reach them easily via live chat, email or phone for any help you require about our services. will help you to achieve your dream of having a published article on a journal through our tailored and comprehensive editing.



Have Your Journal Article Edited

Barrack M. helped me to refine my journal article by locating mistakes I   mistook for proper grammar.  The peers and editor have accepted to publish it. 


Barrack M.

Writer, BBC

Fred L.

I am a regular contributor to a technical journal. It accepts my articles without complications since I first send them to for editing and proofreading. I recommend their editing to aspiring contributors to periodicals. 

Fred L.

Author, Longhorn

Martin A.

I had a few days to research and write my journal article. I thank for assigning me a specialist editor in the subject who helped to remove me to remove irrelevant content and improve referencing. 

Martin A.

Writer, Democratic Magazine

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