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A grant proposal shows budgetary requirements and asks for monetary assistance in the form of a grant. A research proposal is a summary of a planned research setting out main questions and issues that students write to convince their faculties that their projects are essential.

 A common thing about grant and research proposals is that they must convince the reader that your research project should go ahead and get funding.  It is important to ensure that they do not contain errors as they might make you seem undedicated to your project. 

After drafting your proposal, it is important to seek editing by a professional to check its is a long serving editing service that extends its services to researchers to help them rid their proposals of mistakes which may break their proposals.

 Our services include checking for grammar errors, formatting, style and anything in between. We improve the presentation of points and phrases for a more clear impact. Your editor will also improve word usage and presentation of certain phrases.

Our Grant and Research Proposals Editors

When you upload you grant or research proposal for editing, will choose a specialist in the area of your research because he/she has a better understanding of the issues you want to investigate. We have reliable editors for the following reasons:

  • Well educated and experienced:

    Our editors have a Master’s and Doctorate degrees thus possessing vast knowledge on how to write various in an academic tone including proposals. All our editors have been copying editing and proofreading proposals for many years and understand first-hand the common errors that most authors make when writing such important introductory documents for research projects. Their experience is an advantage in enabling them to determine if your proposal complies with the style and other requirements that make faculties or organizations that fund research to allow projects.

  • High level of focus : editors work on one project at a time. It allows them to give undivided attention to detail. They do not leave any inaccuracy and ensure that all the points you present are articulate and logical. You get an editor who gives your work a fresh perspective to give an adage over those who write their proposals in the same way. However, this is in a way that retains your tone.

  • Commitment to deadline :

    Our editors understand the importance of deadlines in submitting proposals. They edit fast and meticulously to meet your deadline and at the same time meet your deadline.

  • Good understand of grammar usage :

    Grant and research proposal editors at have a thorough understanding of the proper usage of grammar and sentences as they are native English speakers. We choose those who exhibit superior writing skills and strict adherence to conventional grammar rules which is an important aspect of academic documents.

Quality Assurance is tenacious about quality. It is the reason we choose an editor who is familiar with requirements of your order to edit your proposal while adhering to our stringent quality standards. We demand our editors to carry our comprehensive editing that touches on all areas of a proposal including the text, tone, organization and formatting. After editing, a team of editors in the quality assurance perform a quality check to establish if the editor did a thorough job before approval of the order for delivery.

Money back guarantee does not offer trial and error service. We have confidence in our editing team, and that is why we include a money back guarantee for all orders. We will refund your full payment if you are unsatisfied with original work and subsequent revisions or if we are later to complete your edited grant or research deadline.

In need of Professional Editing on Grant & Research Proposals ?

We relieve you the search now. Our editors have a Master’s and Doctorate degrees thus possessing vast knowledge on how to handle your editing instructions.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • High editing standard    commits to provide valuable service to the customers.  Our editing services professional editors with top qualifications and experience. Each copy editor has studied up to Master’s or Doctorate level hence has experience on grants and research proposal writing as a student and a professional. We also have a quality assurance team to ensure that the editors meet all the specifications when editing and proofreading. 

  • Custom service 

    We choose editors to edit proposals for their respective fields as they have a better understanding of the subject and can offer personalized service. We have editors from a large number of academic fields.  Upon receiving your order, we will get a specialist in the area you want to research.

  • Clear and friendly pricing

    We provide clear information on the kind and extent of service you will get for your money. We charge clear prices for each order without hidden costs.  There are several packages and deadlines for you to choose the one that suits you most with a guarantee that it will include everything that we promise.  The aim of this variety is to let different people get quality editing at the price they can afford.

  • 24/7 services 

    Editing and proofreading services run round the clock for our clients to make their orders at the convenient time. You can even make your order during the weekends. 

  • Timeliness always ensures that the editors finish editing in time for use to deliver proposals to their owners before lapsing of the deadline.

  • Friendly customer support

    Our customer support team is friendly and prompt in responding to inquiries. They work in shifts, and you will reach one of them through live chat, phone, email or social media at any given time even if it is late at night. Customer support staff knows everything about our procedures and have an answer for all services or order process.

  • Confidentiality

     All information about clients and their orders is confidential. It stays private from third parties and employees who do not have authority to access it. Nobody will ever find that you availed our service or stumble upon your payment details.

  • We respect your requirements  

    As we edit, we will consider any opinions you might have concerning the editing of your proposal.     If your requirements affect the quality of your proposal, we will inform you the reasons why we should leave them out. If need be, you will directly message your editor and communicate your exact requirements.

  • Originality scan

    Our quality assurance will scan your grant or research proposal with latest plagiarism checkers to determine if it is completely authentic before the send it to you. We are also sure that you intend to submit original work

  • Satisfaction guarantee 

    We guarantee satisfaction by delivering an edited proposal that meets your requirements and on time, or we refund your money back. is prepared and dedicated to help you achieve your research goals by editing your proposal to perfect state. Try our service now.

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Anne J.

I needed to submit my grant proposal in two days .after hurried writing; it had many grammar and structure. It is only   thorough editing that helped me from submitting sub-standard content as it eliminated all the mistakes and I did not pay extra.  

Anne J.

Senior Promoter, Breezy production

Mark M.

I thank for fixing the formatting of my research proposal after editing the text. It now looks very appealing. 

Mark M.

Associate, Medicat Health Supplies

Geoffrey O.

I recommend for customer friendly support and prices.   I also got a friendly editor for my research proposal that explained the purpose of all amendments and made suggestions that will help me in my future writing. 

Geoffrey O.

Writer, Business magazine, US

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