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Governments have much information to pass part of communication, policy and blueprint.   Each department produces thousands of documents each year. Most writers create them through collaboration.   In such situations, there is a high possibility that some of the staff will overlook some details and mistakes. Government plays a significant part in the lives of citizens and workers hence its documents need to be flawless as some even have legal implications.  Outsourcing editing and proofreading help governments to get the content of their work right as professional editors will not miss mistakes. offers are leading editing and proofreading service with professional editors who have experience in revising all sorts of documents including those belonging to governments. Since our inception, we have been editing, proofreading and formatting publications for some government organizations in various areas including:

  • Business and employment
  • Education
  •  Conservation
  • Justice
  • Health and safety
  • Science and research

Due to high standards of editing, numerous government agencies have put on their list of preferred or contract providers.   If you are a government agency with unedited documents, we can work with your communications; research or marketing team to makes sure that your publication is clear, correct, consistent and concise. We also ensure that it is appropriate and efficient for your target readers.

Our editors

Our Government Document Editors has a network of editors for timely completion of orders. The team comprises of highly qualified editors and proofreaders with a background in writing documents of various genres. For any level of proofreading or editing need, we will find a specialist to match your project.

You should trust our editors with your work for these reasons:

  • Superior qualifications

    Our editors are native English speakers born and bred in the United States or the UK with natural fluency. Part of our recruitment criteria requires our editors to have advanced qualifications –Master's or Ph.D. degrees- from leading universities and at least a year's experience in offering professional editing at a busy organization.

  • Proven skills:

    There are many editors, but is only interested in the best. Anytime we are hiring, we screen applicants to ensure that they qualify to provide our quality services. All the editors in our team pass through a series of tests that helped us to determine their excellence according to specialties. After demonstrating their ability, we train the selected candidates about modern editorial practices. We keep on training them after a particular period to keep them in line with our quality standards. Client feedback also helps us to monitor the performance hence each editor working for use is an excellent performer.

  • Expertise in their fields :

    Copy editors have an ability to spot a word, phrase or sentence that does not look right. Our editors might not be walking dictionaries but read every work with some suspicion to establish if it is in the right place. That is why our editors find mistakes that you or your colleagues could not when reading government material. To enhance the quality of the service you get, we assign your work to a specialist in your genre or subject. A specialist editor comes in handy when your document requires developmental editing that checks both the content and structure of the document to ensure that it resonates well with the target reader.

  • Respect for your work:

    The editors and proofreaders recognize the value of your input in the document. They may changes in your content for better presentation of your ideas but will always do the best to preserve your voice. Your editor will not change everything and drown your voice. All our editors are open to suggestions so as to meet your exact requirements.

Quality Assurance is determined to provide unsurpassed quality of editing. Although we have highly qualified editors, we also have a quality assurance department to check whether the edited or proofread work is excellent. This team performs another round of review to determine that the work meets our high standards. Quality assurance team ensures that our proofreading and editing totally satisfies you.

Money back guarantee

Are you worried that you may pay for our service but fail to get satisfaction? You have no reason to fear to make an order as our editing or proofreading is risk-free. Your order includes a money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with our editing, you will inform us about the problem for us to review the comments and make amendments during free revisions. If the documents still do not impress you for justifiable reasons, we offer a full refund.

Looking for Outstanding Editorial Services on Government Articles?

Our team comprises of highly qualified editors and proofreaders with a background in writing and editing several government documents.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • Personalized service 

    We have custom packages to meet your objectives. You can request everything from light proofreading to substantive editing and application of an individual style guide. We handle most major soft copy file formats and hard copies.



  • 24/7 service 

    Government departments sometimes need to publish documents urgently. is an excellent choice for fast editing as we work 24/7 all days of the week. You can quickly outsource your project late in the evening, at night or weekends.



  • Timely delivery 

    Everyone in our team from customer support, editors, and quality assurance team is time conscious. You can place your order with a guarantee that it will be error-free and ready for your readers before your deadline elapses.   Our turnaround includes an express service for documents with a tight deadline that require editing within 24 hours.


  • Security and Confidentiality has an encrypted website to secure communications between it and your computer when you are uploading documents or making payment online. Our privacy policy is very strict to help maintain the confidentiality of the clients and their projects.



  • Communication with the writer 

    You can communicate or leave your message to the writer so that you are on the same page.



  • We accept different types of files 

    You can send your    Microsoft Word documents in doc, Docx and .rtf. We also accept documents in PDF and also LaTeX. To help us edit your LaTeX files directly, we require you to copy and paste or export its text into MS Word document or other txt or .rtf editor. Your editor will leave the programming commands intact, and after editing in MS Word, you will simply copy and paste the text back to LaTeX.



  • You can track changes to your document

    Our editors always use track changes in MS Word for you to notice their edits and suggestions apparently.



  • Timely deliveries 

    You will never get your order late. Rapid editing and delivery of the orders are among our core principles.


  • Pricing charges competitive rates for top-notch editing and proofreading quality.   You can determine the cost of your order by selecting the type of document you want us to edit or proofread, its word count and preferred time. You will get an instant quote without hidden charges.



  • Free sample 

    Do you want to test our ability? We will edit or proofread a part of your work free for you to rate our quality and place an order when you are sure about what you expect.



  • Free revision 

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of your editing, we offer free revision regardless of the word count for the text that requires revision. enhances your document for readers to notice it because of content and quality but not mistakes.


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I appreciate the precise editing by It improved the quality of my proposals to government agencies, and they were accepted. 


John S.

Associate, Marine National Tenders

Mark B.

I thought my writing was perfect until improved the wording and structure to make my documents look official.  Next time I write governments documents, I must seek your editing help. 

Mark B.

Coach, Basket ball Players Association

Geoffrey J.

Anyone writing documents for or to government agencies should try The editors know how to enhance work with relevant terminology. They also eliminate grammar, structural and formatting mistakes. 

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Government Official, Culture Ministry

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