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Fiction writing style describes imaginary people, places, and events.  Authors mostly use it for novels and short stories.  If you are a fiction writer, let publishers rate your manuscript according to the quality of the content but not errors that they find everywhere. After you complete writing your book, there is a special attachment to your writing hence you cannot pick all the mistakes. helps authors to enhance the quality of their fiction work by checking the content for errors and improving overall quality. We offer proofreading and editing service to ensure that your short story or novel passes through the hands of a professional editor who helps to in improving quality of the entire manuscript.  Compared to proofreading, our editing service is more substantial. For proofreading, we correct grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

In editing, we take into account the entire flow of the book. We assign your work to one of our fiction editors to help in transitioning the fiction work from a story with a rough edge to a highly appealing publication that is ready for publication and reading in the form of a book.

Your editor will leave nothing to chance. The editing work will cover various areas of your work including:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Sentence structure
  • Word usage
  • Dialogue
  • Overall flow

We improve the overall coherence by removing complicated and unrealistic parts.

We let you access extremely skilled editors with a background in various industries who have been performing editing work for many years at an affordable cost.


Our editors

Our Fiction Editors has one of the best team of editors with these brilliant qualities:

  • Mastery of English language:

    Well qualified Our editors have Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from top universities in US and UK. They are also native English speakers with exceptional knowledge on word usage and writing creative work. Most of the editor are also writers or have served as proofreaders of editors for publishing firms.

  • Keenness for details:

    Individuals in the editing team are strict on details to locate any errors in the content and ensure that complies with the standards set by publishing house or magazine. They check all words, punctuations, sentence structure and reorganize the flow of ideas to achieve clarity.

  • Collaborative:

    Your editor respects your efforts as the author and will collaborate you in the editing to ensure that they do not lose your intention is not lost in the editing. Our editors try much not to change your ideas save for improving flow, coherence, and structure so that the entire piece is grammatical.

  • Market knowledge:

    Fiction editors at know about the interest of fiction readers. They are in a good position to offer you helpful recommendations on structure, style, and length which will help you in your future writing as well.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee you that we will assign fiction editing to a professional editor with Masters or Ph.D. degrees, native English speaker, and experience. The editor will edit and proofread your work until completion before accepting another order to allow maximum attention. A quality assurance editor will revise the editing to be sure that it met your requirements and had helped your work to reach the standards that will make publishers to consider it for their publications or book. .

Money back guarantee

If our editing does not satisfy you, we give you the option to ask for revisions until you get satisfied. We offer this service free. Our editing or proofreading service includes a money back guarantee. If there are genuine reasons that make us fail to satisfy you by editing and follow-up revision, we refund your payment.

Are you a Fiction Writer? You May need an Intellectual Editor to Proofread you Piece.

Editors360 saves you the worry. We help you enhance the quality of their fiction work by checking the content for errors and improving overall quality.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • We assign editing to qualified editor

    Our editors have Master and Doctorate degrees in addition to their deep knowledge of English.  The editors are native English speakers from the United States and the United Kingdom.   We assign fiction to an editor who is fluent in the kind the kind of English you want to use for your book.

  • We perform comprehensive editing

     Your editor examines each word in your writing considering every sentence, paragraph, plot point, character and arguments first on their own then in their relation to the whole manuscript. Our editors polish the manuscript but remain true to your intentions and voice. Even if you a history of writing perfect manuscripts, we do not let our guard down.  The editor applies a keen editorial eye when providing basic corrections in the process of weeding out inconsistencies and illogical statements.

    The editor will work as hard as you did when writing the fiction work to comb for any error.

  • Personalized editing 

    Fiction targets certain readership, so we know that your manuscript is unique.  Your editor will not edit it like any other but do it in the way suiting individual needs. has a skilled editor for any writing style that you employ to ensure that the amendments leaves your manuscript standing out because of:

    • Correct spelling, punctuation and word use
    • Consistent   use of words and tense
    • Appropriate tone, word choice, and verb tenses 
    • Well structured sentence and paragraphs 
  • We ask for your views 

    Manuscripts that are worth publishing require perfection that goes beyond content.  Our work is to make your creative ideas compelling as possible.  Inform us about any areas of the manuscript that our editors should give particular attention. If there is none, you will hand them the creative freedom to improve the manuscript.

  • We help to improve writing skills  

    When editing, your editor will come up with suggestions that help in sharpening your writing skills. You will get suggestions on these critical areas of fiction writing:

    • Pace, characterization, and narration.
    • Premise, dilemma, resolution and climax 
    • Continuity, factual accuracy, and timeline
    • Compliance with manuscript formatting and  standard  requirements by  the publishers 
  • Up-to-date knowledge   of fiction publication

    As the writers increase, publishers are becoming busier and impatient.  Some reject the work outright rather than ask for redrafting to meet their preference.  Our editors keep up with any changes in the fiction publishing to boost their editorial expertise in improving manuscripts to meet desires of agents and publishers.

  • First-class fiction editors has editors who consider fiction editing to be their art. In addition to the Master’s or Ph.D. qualifications,   they have an interest in publishing. Some are published authors yet many others have worked as editors in major publishing houses.  Their interest and background means that   the editing of your work will be done by someone who has much exposure on fine tuning fiction manuscripts

  • Order procedure   is a user-friendly online service. Our order process is simple. You will visit our website, click order now and fill your order instructions on the provided form. Include the turnaround and upload your manuscript for use to check the word count and provide an instant quote. Once we get a confirmation message about your payment, we immediately locate an editor with the right skills for your fiction work to start editing or proofreading.

  • Timely completion 

    Deadline is something that takes seriously. When you fill your deadline, we check the word count of your manuscript to determine if it is possible to complete the editing or proofreading within that period. If we find it adequate, there is a guarantee the editor we assign your work will finish the order before your deadline. In most instances, we send edited manuscripts many hours ahead of the turnaround. We do this to ensure that authors have enough time to proofread their freshly edited writing and determine if they require re-editing.

  • Secure and confidential 

    Authors are wary about people accessing their fiction manuscript considering that they someone might take the opportunity to copy their ideas and content. We have a secure system for our website for safe transfer of files from your computer to our website and back.  Any client and payment information in our system remains confidential, and we never share it with third parties or unauthorized personnel. offer quality fiction editing to raise the standards and meet requirements by publishers.  Our editing and proofreading have contributed to the publishing of thousands of manuscripts.

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Tony N.   has gifted fiction editors. They edited my work to a standard I know will impress any reader.  I already got several publishers interested in publishing my writing. 

Tony N.

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Jean J.

Thanks for removing errors from my fiction and simplifying my thoughts. I think they were too complex, but after your editing, they are clear and easy to read. Even my publisher is amazed and recommends I be using your services. 

Jean J.

Intern, Live Stream Fiction Productions

Patricia A.

Your fast and detailed editing always help me to submit my fiction on time to a magazine with a very tight deadline. I recommend to all fiction and non-fiction writers.  

Patricia A.

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