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Is English your second language? An English speaking audience will quickly identify message your write, and it is unfortunate that many readers dismiss your brilliant ideas just because you might not have communicated them properly. Others will even make fun of the words that you have not used in the appropriate place. It is appropriate that people judge you work on its merit so that your writing is not in vain. will edit you to amend the misplaced words and phrases thus improving the work to reach the standard by native English speakers. We edit and proofread submissions of all types.  You can rely on us to edit and proofread documents under various categories including:

  • Academic
  • Business
  • Personal
  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Academic

Our aim is to make your writing clear to understand.  For instance, as a student, researcher or scholar, it is fair for readers to judge your work on its merit rather than focus on your English skills. Our proficient ESL editors will assist you to communicate your ideas in a clear way. They will revise your manuscript checking things such as clarity, idioms, grammar, spelling and word choice. 

If you are writing business content, amends your writing to avoid misunderstandings.  We will assign you an editor who knows how to substitute improper terms with the right expressions and ensure that your message is in proper grammar.


Our ESL editors editors have experience of several years to decades. Their many years in offering proofreading and editing enable them to identify all flaws in the English language. Communicating in a foreign language is always difficult, but you should not let your shortcomings in English to affect your writing. You should instead trust our editors to improve your communication because they possess these essential qualities for proofreading and editing:

  • High education qualifications : has a team of native English editors with Ph.D. degrees in English as well as other fields such as business, sciences, mathematics, and information technology among others. The presence of editors with highest academic qualifications across a wide spectrum of fields makes us one of the few editing firms strategically supported by a high number of experts in their respective fields. It is a unique feature that enables us to match clients with specialist editors in the subject of their work.

  • Native English Speakers:

    We have a strict policy to hire native English speakers from USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The reason for this policy is to maintain the quality of content editing. When we assign editing to native English speakers, we are sure of that the final document will be free from grammatical, lingual, spelling or structural errors. Hiring native editors is essential to our efforts to provide nothing but quality services because they have natural fluency which helps to maintain our consistency in meeting the needs of our clients. We choose naturally born wordsmiths who know how to edit work by an ESL writer or in national English 'tone' such as US, Canadian, British or Australia to give it an international voice that all English speakers.

  • Proven ability :

    Although editing is for native speakers, looks beyond that. We have a clear hiring criterion to help us in selecting the best of those who apply to be our editors. We chose the right candidates by conducting an aptitude test together with practical exercises that assess the expertise level and professional caliber. Only those who prove to have the outstanding ability after intensive testing and critical authentication get employment.

Quality Assurance

At, we are confident of the ability by editors to perform the most comprehensive editing. We ensure that you get proper editing by assigning your order to a specialist in your kind of work. At the end of the editing or proofreading, one of our senior editors revises the work to be certain it meets our standards before we send it to you. If it does not, the editor has to revise the editing. In case you are dissatisfied with even a minor aspect of the project after delivery, we provide a timely reedit free.

Money back guarantee offers legitimate service that meets all the requirements of the customers and improves grammar quality. We have a record of punctuality and quality service. Our satisfaction guarantee is real and not just for marketing. In case we send your document after the agreed deadline, we refund 100% of your order payment. We also offer a full refund if we fail to meet your order instructions.

Are you an ESL Student or Writer in need of an accurate and Great Editing Assistance?

We will edit your piece to amend the the incorrectness to improving your English Standards. We edit and proofread submissions of all types.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • Highly qualified editors 

    Our editors are well educated and highly qualified to edit any work. Some of them even edit articles for publishing companies or journals



  • Custom essay writing provides 100% custom editing service to meet the needs of everyone. Our editors do not simply interchange wording but edit everything that needs to be changed.



  • Guaranteed quality 

    We have a dedicated control department that checks standards for each paper before sending it to the customers. We make sure that your work reached the standards that we guaranteed and meets all your expectations



  • Complete rights and confidentiality 

    When we receive content, we just edit or proofread it but never reuse it for any other purpose or resell it to anyone.  Even after editing, you still retain complete rights to your work.


  • Full privacy 

    Our editing and proofreading services are fully confidential. We never share order information with any unauthorized persons.



  • We check for and eliminate plagiarism 

    We receive many orders from students and always perform a thorough check to ensure that they do not have any plagiarized sections, so they do not incur the penalties for academic theft.



  • Free amendments 

    We have highly caliber editors who always meet order details but in case they miss something, we offer unlimited amendments without additional cost to make sure you are happy with your document.



  • Free formatting editors are familiar with all referencing styles.

    If your paper requires formatting, you editor will format it according to your requirement. They also know the formatting style required by various institutions or certain assignments, and in case you are not familiar, they will reference it for you free.


  • Satisfaction guarantee

    We guarantee complete satisfaction of our service. If our editing or proofreading and subsequent revision fails to meet your requirements, we will offer your money back.


  • Lifetime support considers customers as part of our larger family. When you order from us, we will offer you necessary support even after delivery of your order.



Do not let the fact that English is your second language to affect the message you want to pass.  Let improve it to the level of Standard English by native speakers.  

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Victor U. 

English is my second language and writing complex documents is challenging. I thank for perfecting my work by thorough editing and proofreading.   When reading my work after editing, I also improve my writing skill. 


Victor U. 

Song Writer, Homeboyz production

Richard F.

 I recommend as it does everything that improves the work of the clients.  After editing, my editor also formatted my work better than I could. 

Richard F.

Article Writer, The Standard Newspaper

Ronald B.

I like the service I got at  Customer support representatives answered my questions promptly, and my editor carried our fabulous editing that removed mistakes showing that I am ESL writer. 

Ronald B.

ESL Writer, Russia

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