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Business writing is a significant part of any corporate and the quality of documents that it develops because readers consider them to be a reflection of quality. It is important that corporate writing captures the tone of your business. Editors360.com saves you from the embarrassment and consequences of poorly written business documents. We edit your business documents to reflect the purpose of your writing and status of your company.

Our proofreading and editing service are tailored to meet the demands for various corporate across various sectors. We work with local, regional and international corporate.  Editors360.com is often required to satisfy editing needs or handle overflow issues for growing and long operating businesses.


Our spectrum of editing services covers all sorts of business documents including:

  • Business proposals
  • Press releases
  • Emails
  • White papers
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Business plans
  • Reports
  • Operational documents

When you hire us, we do not just edit to make your work error free and presentable. We prefer to start by learning about you so as to edit content in a way that is representing your vision in the best way. When you seek our services, we consider ourselves as part of your corporate team albeit temporarily.  Our job is to help you grow by sending outstand documents to your customers or partners.

Try of esteemed corporate editing service and find out why many corporate executives believe in us.


Our editors

We have much experience in editing corporate documents according to the specification of the customers and the purpose for writing. Many corporate can attribute the success achieved after submitting business documents to Editors360.com because it has dedicated editors who stand out because of these qualities:

  • Highly educated:

    Every editor in our team has an advanced degree in business, either an MBA or Ph.D. from the leading global universities. During their studies, the writers majored in different areas of business. Our team has a blend of editors from areas of business which is an advantage as we always find someone who understands the purpose, language, and format of each corporate document. Most of them have also undertaken a course in corporate communication; therefore, know everything about the essential business documents and how to write them correctly. They specialize in business proofreading and editing and many of years have helped them to master ways of improving different types of academic documents.

  • Background in business :

    Part of the editing team Editors360.com has a background in managerial or marketing positions. After shifting to business writing and editing, they now have substantial experience to enable them to understand what makes a business document to be brilliant. They have a business mindset that helps them to know how to optimize business writing in the context of your document and readers.

  • Native English speakers:

    Our editors are native English speakers who were have tested and found to have a great mastery of the language in the spoken and written form. This fluency, training and work experience in business enable them to improve every part of your business document. Some of the activities in improving the quality of your business writing include:

    • Removing mistakes
    • Eliminating inconsistency
    • Improve sentence structure
    • Enhance word use
    • Ensure clear expression of ideas and message

Quality Assurance

Editors360.com is one of the few editing services that offer the customers an honest satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee quality editing by assigning it to an experienced professional in your brief. A senior editor will review edit the work looking at various factors from whether the copy is edited properly to whether it meets the brief. Our proofreading team ensures that the final work has errors. Still, if you are unsatisfied, we correct the work for free till we meet your requirements.

Money back guarantee

We believe in leaving our customers happy. Our service is risk-free because it comes with satisfaction guarantee. If we fail to satisfy your needs, you will resend the edited work with comments, and we will revise it free. If there are justifications for you to be still unsatisfied with the revised version, we will refund your full payment. We also issue a full refund in case our editor fails to complete your order on time.

Corporate Looking for Professional Editing On Your Business ?

We have much experience in editing corporate documents according to the specification of the customers and the purpose for writing.


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • We offer personalized 

    We offer personalized customized service that meets your expectations and the purpose for your business writing. Your will improve the writing while anticipating what the reader wants to see.

  • Editing and proofreading experience 

    Editors360.com is not just any online editing service. We have been offering editing service for a period, and it is our reputation that has helped us to sustain the business.  We have edited and proofread thousands of documents thus we are among the most experienced editing services. We assure you of the first-rate servicer as we are determined to protect the reputation we took long to build.


  • Native editors with high credentials and qualifications

     We hire native English editors as they do not struggle with right usage of words. They are quick to identify grammatical errors, and their amendments involve replacing erroneous content with better words. They also know how to how to create content with proper flow of ideas.

    The editor is also outstanding academicians who scored top grades in university. Our editors have either a Master’s or Ph.D. in business.



  • Competitive pricing 

    We set our prices at a competitive rate that is fair to the clients and still helps us to pay high educated and experienced editors.   Our aim is delivering quality service that enables us to satisfy our customers. 



  • Timeliness 

    Our editing team works 24/7 to ensure that we are efficient in observing turnaround time and making prompt delivery of editing or proofreading order within the time you indicate on the order form. We understand the importance of urgency in business, and we never want clients to miss a deal because of our delay.



  • Confidential and secure service

    Editors360.com has utmost respect for each material that we get from our customers. We know that they will not want it to reach their competitors and we hold the documents in strict confidence. We never release any of your information or your business documents to third parties or even unauthorized personnel working for us.  

  • Maximum focuses on your order 

    We give maximum attention to our customers. When you pay for your order, the editor we assign your work will not take up another one before completing your editing or proofreading. It helps the editor only to concentrate on your editing to avoid oversights.



  • Review of editing 

    When the r proofreader or editor is through with your work, a review editor checks the document carefully to ensure that it received the proper attention and that it meets your order requirements.



  • We highlight changes 

    In addition to improving your work, Editors360.com also want to make you a better writer. We highlight edits using track changes for you to notice the mistakes made when writing. The changes are highlighted in color for you to review them faster. You can accept or reject them. Our editors include detailed feedback and recommendations about the corrections.



  • Friendly customer support 

    Our friendly customer support department attends to inquiries and complaints within the shortest time possible. It is also easy to reach via live chat, email, phone and various social media platforms.



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I love the proofreading by Editors360.com on my business proposals.  The clients I was targeting did not have a problem to understand everything and gave me positive feedback. 


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I recommend Editors360.com for corporate editing. We have ordered for the editing services several times, and they never disappoint. 

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Editors360.com proofreading and editing of business reports are brilliant and fast. You cannot miss a deadline.

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