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Anyone writing a book wants it to be appealing to the readers and reliable in passing the message.   A book manuscript requires careful editing for it to achieve its purpose. Writing a book takes several months, subconsciously filling your mind with contentment that everything is right. If you attempt to proofread and edit your work, there is a danger of overlooking most of the mistakes. The solution is to find a professional editor. fills the gap by offering excellent book editing services to improve your book manuscript. We remove inconsistencies, faulty logic, repetitions, grammar and other issues that writers fail to identify as their mind is preoccupied with writing.

 Our editors have considerable skills and experience in editing all sorts of books, fiction, and non-fiction. You can rely on one or all these services by our professional editors at reasonable prices:

  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Editing 
  • Proofreading 


Our Book Editing Service Editors

  • Knowledge of the subject :

    We assign your book to an editor with a background in the same field as the subject that your book tackles. Our editors have a master’s if not Ph.D. in their specialty hence have all it takes to understand the issues in your book. Since the person knows more about the subject, he will edit your content to improve the impact of your words. In the end, you will have received assistance to past your message but in a more powerful and efficient way.

  • Excellent guidance skills:

    Our editors know the sensitivity of informing a writer that some of the content need not appear in their book. They respect the connection that authors have to their books and will be gentle but honest in pointing out the weak areas or grammar errors. Your editor will guide you through the work and show the areas where you can express yourself in a better concise way. They help you to look at your work independently but will never change your style or voice.

  • Eye for detail: has no room for sloppy editors. Each of our editors has a sharp focus on content and will never miss inconsistencies, spelling, and other grammar errors in the text. Our editors are thorough and will not miss even the confusing words like 'its' and 'it's.' They make sure that your spelling and punctuation are consistent. They will make your manuscript to stand out by eliminating all the grammar blunders. They also improve on the formatting. We assign you an editor who makes every sentence in your work to count and be in structurally sound form.

  • Accommodative to client opinions :

    We have accommodative editors who consider your suggestions when editing. They do not have an ego and will respect your opinions but still inform you what cannot work. For any changes they make to your text, you will get a proper explanation.

  • Mastery of English language :

    Book editors and are native English speakers from UK and US. You will get an editor who with complete understanding of the variations in spelling or words used by various variations of English. The editor will eliminate the mix up of words such as plagiarise and plagiarize or criticise and criticize. The much knowledge that out editors have also helped us to improve content by ESL authors to make it reach the fluency by native speakers.

Quality Assurance is determined to offer the quality of the highest service to book writers. We recruit well-qualified proofreaders and editors from a variety of genres for each of our clients find one with experience in their kind of project. We have editors for any level of a project who have gone through vetting to proof their ability. We assure our clients of editing or proofreading that meets their requirements and impresses the readers. If there are inadequacies in your order, we offer free revisions until you are satisfied. /p>

Money back guarantee believes in fair pricing. We charge fair prices and offer service that meets your expectations. It is not a common occurrence for use to deliver sub-standard editing or proofreading. If by chance your editor fails to address all the issues in your manuscript, you will get free revisions. Every order includes free money back whereby you get a full refund of your payment if both our editing or proofreading and revisions fall short of your expectations.

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Our editors have considerable skills and experience in editing all sorts of books, fiction, and non-fiction. You can rely on one or all these services by our professional editors at reasonable prices


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • Professional editors   believes that quality editing requires a classy proofreader. We are choosy when recruiting so that we only end up with professional native English copy editors from the UK and the United States.  They have high levels of fluency and advanced degrees in their specialty.  When you order from us, our work is matching it with an editor who majored in the subject at university.



  • We provide qualifications of our editors 

     We do not keep our copy editors anonymous. If you are interested, we will reveal the background and experience of your editor. We can even facilitate you to directly message the editor to provide more information or seek clarifications.



  • Smooth online operation 

    We have a seamless digital connectivity to help us achieve a hassle free online operation. Our clients can access us from any corner of the world, and our customer support staff will assist you with the information you want from about our services.



  • Simple ordering processes   has a simple order process. You will visit our site; fill order details, deadline and upload the file with the manuscript you want us to edit.  When we confirm your payment for the order, we immediately find the most suited editor for your work to commence editing within a short moment.



  • Timely completions of orders 

    Your editor works fast but meticulously to complete your order in time for delivery before elapsing of your deadline. 


  • Quality 

    Our promise and dedication to quality are unsurpassed.   It is our reason to assign orders to expert editors in the subject who know what the content should include and leave out. They do not just edit the grammar but also the relevance of the words about the context.   After editing or proofreading, we send the copy to a senior editor to review if the editor has improved all parts of the manuscript in the right way.


  • Minimal cost   offers high-quality proofreading and editing service at affordable price.  We can provide all our services online and only require a modest office without many overheads.  Our online presence helps us to bring together an experienced team of professional editors from US and UK to offer their services through our platform at a cheaper cost. 

  • Confidential services 

    We do not share your personal information, payment details and contents of your order to anyone who should not be privy to it. After delivering your order, you retain the full rights to your work, and we do not seek any for an acknowledgment for improving the quality of your manuscript by editing, proofreading or evaluation.


  • Responsive customer care 

    We have first rate customer care for our first time and repeat customers.  You can reach our customer support department for fast response or assistance through phone, live chat, email and different social media platforms.



  • Satisfaction guarantee

    Our services include a satisfaction or money back guarantee. We do our best to satisfy the customers including providing free revisions. If we fail to meet your after reviews, we offer money back. 

    If you want to submit an error-free book manuscript to publishers or launch an impressive book,   will help you with top class editing and proofreading service.

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Tom R.

Thanks to editing and proofreading, my manuscript met the quality standard of my dream publisher.  I will continue using your service for my future writing. 


Tom R.

Author, KBS Publishers

  Muller Z   editing is perfect. The editors located the smallest of flaws that you would never think they existed and amended them without affecting my writing tone and style. Their explanation and recommendations about edits are great tips to improve writing. Thank you. 

  Muller Z

Author, Longhorn

Marcus B.

I recommend to upcoming book writers. After thorough editing by professionals, I found that my content had errors I could not have identified without their help. It saved my work from rejection.  

Marcus B.

Book Writer

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