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Nothing waters down the credibility of your work than mistakes in your book, plays, poem or other written work. Your readers will look down upon your work if it has errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage.   If you just authored a manuscript, publishers will not accept if it is full of errors. Editors360.com offers extensive editing and proofreading service to help the author in removing all the mistakes from their work.   

We are professional editors with a commitment to improving the quality of writing.  The undoing of many writers is that they try to proofread their work without seeking help but end up missing many mistakes. Manuscript editing is a reserve of professional editors.  Our long experience in editing all kinds of documents enables us to identify all the errors.


 Editors360.com does not perform shallow software check of content.  We perform a thorough check of your content to not only correct mistakes but also replace lifeless words or phrases with others that make your work more enjoyable to read. Our editing service caters for all genres of manuscripts. We have experienced editors who specialize in editing different forms of work whether it is a fiction of nonfiction.  We review all kinds of books including:

  • Technical
  • Comic
  • Novels
  • Adult coloring
  • Informative
  • Science fiction
  • Children’s
  • Cookbooks
  • Biographies
  • Autobiographies
  • Series

Editors360.com also accepts orders for:

  • Poetry
  • Screenplays
  • How to books
  • Travel books
  • Manuscript critique
  • EBook editing and proofreading

When you complete writing any work, leave the rest to us. We will improve your work to present your ideas concisely and clearly in a perfect manuscript.

Our editors

The purpose of our editing service is to provide high-quality and customized editing services that help authors to be published or to land big clients if they are business professionals. We also help academic authors to get published and achieve the ambition in academia. To satisfy the needs of all these authors, we hire well-educated editors with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in different fields. Some of the qualities that make our large number of customers to believe in our editorial tram include:

  • Mastery of English language:

    Editors360.com editors are native-English speakers from the United States and U.K. It provides you the opportunity for your work to be edited by someone with mastery of either the US or U.K English depending on your preference. They also help English Second Language speakers to improve the quality of the language in their manuscripts for better communication. When you receive your edited manuscript, it will not have the grammar errors that affect the quality of writing by ESL authors. Apart from language skills, when you send us your manuscript we refer to the credentials of our editors and choose the one who is more suited for your work. We assure that your editor is someone who knows how to correct mistakes while preserving your voice and vision. The editor will not change the meaning, message or creativity of your work. He/she will remove the mistakes the revise issues such as coherence, structure, and format. The aim is to make your manuscript better and stronger without changing your purpose for writing.

  • We have a large team:

    The challenge of working with many editing services is that it is only the owner or a few editors who serve the clients. They take so long to complete your editing. Holding onto orders never happens at Editors360.com. We have hundreds of editors hence some are always available to start working on new orders soon after the clients complete the payment process. The high number of our staff also provides us the advantage of having more choice for customer orders. We have experts in a wide variety of career fields and subjects such as business, medicine, sciences, engineering, literature and much more. We have an experienced for any manuscript or other work you want us to correct before publishing. No job is too big, complicated or easy for us. Our editors will even revise your resume or cover letter.

  • Proven experience:

    Many online services claim to have qualified staff. Editors360.com does not just make claims. The educational background and expertise of our editors are unrivaled. We take our reputation seriously, and we protect it by employing the very best. Anytime we hire, we have a rigorous screening procedure to ensure that only the top-notch editors join our stable. After that, we do our best to retain them by proving a comfortable work environment.

Quality Assurance

Editors360.com is a legitimate service, and we have been a market leader for long as we deliver the quality we promise. We achieve high standards by assigning your work to an experienced editor with specialty skills in the subject of your writing. After that, a more experienced editor reviews the project to make sure that it is well-edited. If there are issues with editing or proofreading quality, we work with you to make them right in a free revision. If you are still unsatisfied, we refund your money. All orders have a satisfaction guarantee.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your order, Editors360.com will refund your payment. It happens in the instance where our editor fails to comply with the initial instructions or we fail to deliver edited work by the required deadline.

Are You an Author in need of Professional Editing?

We help academic authors to get published and achieve the ambition in academia. We hire well-educated editors satisfy the needs of all authors


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • We are perfect in both editing and proofreading

    Some online services offer proofreading and editing as one. Editors360.com understands the difference between the two and offers exactly what you require. For editing, we improve everything from the style, form, and flow of your content. If you request for proofreading, we know you need simpler corrections of spelling, punctuation, structure and grammar at a lower price.  We have different packages to fit your requirements and budget.

  • We match you with the best editor 

    When you order for editing or proofreading, we match you with a specialist   in the field of your writing

  • We evaluate edited work

    After editing, our senior review editors review the work to determine if it has met the order requirements before we send it to you.

  • We provide recommendations and explanations 

    After editing, you will receive your order in two versions. You get the cleanly edited copy and another with comments on every change by your editor for you to understand the meaning.

  • We accommodate your views

    You may accept all the changes by your editor or reject some. If you feel unsatisfied with some changes, we will revise them to meet your requirements.

  • Honesty  

    We offer an honest opinion about your order. For example, if you want to know the progress, you will get truthful information on the order status.

  • Convenient process

     Editors360.com is user-friendly.  The process of navigating our website, login to your personal account, ordering and payment is hassle free.

  • Copyright guarantee 

    We respect your effort to author something this good and will never make a claim to your copyright or acknowledgment for editing.

  • Privacy 

    Strict confidentiality is part of our service policy. Our website is secured to guarantee of personal information, payment details and file transfer.

  • Timeliness

     Editors360.com makes every effort to deliver each order on time. All our editors maintain timeliness and high-level efficiency

Turn to Editors360.com for first-class editing, and we guarantee you of satisfaction. We charge pocket-friendly prices to authors according to the number of words and turnaround.   There are no other hidden costs.

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The edited version of screenplay script gave me useful hints on better writing. It gave me a reference for future projects. I recommend Editors360.com anyone who wants to improve writing skills. 

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 I cannot thank you enough for your manuscript editing and proofreading. After several rejections, a publisher has finally accepted my work courtesy of your excellent editing.

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Author, Longhorn

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Your editors never missed any mistake in my very long manuscript. Nothing is misplaced, and I have even more faith in your service. I will be you return customer. 

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