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Editors360.com editing and proofreading service 

Editors360.com is one of that leading and highly experienced professional editing and proofreading services. We have a dedicated team of over 200 editors with specialist skills in various fields to serve our clients in different countries across the globe.   Our editors have helped thousands of authors, corporate, government agencies, students and individuals to refine their written work.  To offer the best service, our editors read through all the text in an order checking if it has errors. We do not substitute their keen eye for detail and locating mistakes with software and spellcheckers.

 The aim of our editing and proofreading is to save our clients from the consequences of submitting written work with grammar errors that detract the readers from focusing on the information you want to communicate and instead start looking at your mistakes.

The aim of our editing and proofreading is to save our clients from the consequences of submitting written work with grammar errors that detract the readers from focusing on the information you want to communicate and instead start looking at your mistakes.

At the end of editing and proofreading, we deliver well formatted and structured contents without grammar errors. We review more than text. We edit everything that needs amending on your editing.

Editors360.com offers editing and proofreading services to the following groups of clientele:



Editing and proofreading business documents to eliminate errors. We eliminate unclear writing, redundancies, and other error to leave your business documents clean for maximum impact on the readers.



We perform objective editing and proofreading manuscripts to improve little but important details such as citation, format, and grammar.



Government organizations produce many documents by different authors and rarely have time to thorough proofreading and editing. We offer custom editing and proofreading to improve each document according to its purpose. We apply house style guide rules.


ESL(English second language speakers)

Editors360.com helps English second language speakers who struggle with the language to communicate more clearly by revising their writing for things such as word choice, clarity, spelling and grammar errors.



Editors360.com helps individuals to enhance the communication capacity of personal documents for interpersonal communication in a concise manner. We also eliminate errors.



Editors360.com is a professional online editing and proofreading company offering services that help clients to improve the quality of their academic papers. Our service is tailored to combine quality and affordability provided by experienced editors.

Our editors

A constant thing about editors360.com since our launch is that we always highly professional and qualified copy editors to help us maintain our commitment to improving quality of written work. Each of our editors must possess particular academic and editing background that helps us to meet our commitment to offer the best to the customers. We have a strict hiring process and only accept applicants with a minimum of Masters Degree and a particular background in performing editorial work. Most of them have Ph.D. degrees. We stand out for providing quality services as our editors have these useful qualities:

  • Specialists in multiple fields and domains:

    Editors at Editors360.com are from all sorts of fields and spheres. It is an advantage to our clients as we can assign each order to a copy editor with an academic background in the subject of their work. When you submit an order, our manager will evaluate the subject and context to determine the editor better suited to cater to your personal needs. If for instance, you order for academic editing, we will assign you an editor with outstanding academic credentials who is active in academic research or writing on your subject matter. For personal documents you intend to use during a job application, we will assign a copy editor with a background in HR.

  • Experience :

    The pool of editors at Editors360.com comprises of individuals several years of personal and combined experience in editing documents at the highest level. They are familiar with the terminology, formatting and other writing requirements in their respective fields. For example, if you want us to find an editing for a dissertation, we will find one who knows about academic style guides and format requirements by specific universities. To ensure that our editors continue to have best possible skills, we arrange regular training and coaching sessions for them.

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction :

    Our editors do not only edit to complete an order and move to the next. They start by comprehending your order instructions and reading the entire the documents to understand it purpose. It is an approach that helps them to proofread or edit your work while meeting your requirements. They use your instructions as a reference to make sure that the content in the final document will be uniform and consistent. In case your instructions are inconsistent with the kind of amendment that a professional should make, your editor will develop recommendations about the best way to improve your work for you to make a decision. Apart from checking the text, they improve formatting of documents, correct typos, punctuation and referencing where necessary.

  • Skilled for editing various documents :

    Editors360.com has skilled copy editors to refine different types of documents including academic papers, reports, articles, magazines, cover letters resumes, journals, books, and novels.

  • Timeliness :

    When you place an order, you indicate the deadline. Our editors always ensure that they complete your editing or proofreading in time for evaluation by a review editor and timely delivery.

Our Quality Assurance

Editors360.com commitment to provide quality service begins with the recruitment of our editors. We hire native English speakers from the UK or the US with Masters or Ph.D. degrees from the leading universities. The next step to ensure that you get quality service is to assign your order to expert with a degree in the same field as your work as he or she has the knowledge to locate and rectify the mistakes and all other aspects of the document. A revise editor goes through a complete order to determine if the editor met your instructions and if not, there will be a further amendment. You are entitled to free revision or money back if we fail to meet your expectations.

Money back guarantee

Editors360.com guarantees of quality editing and proofreading as we have satisfied our customers. We have confidence in or editors, and that is why we assure clients of satisfaction and commit to refund their payment if our promise is not achieved. If you receive edited or proofread work that has not met expectations, inform us so that we conduct free revisions. If still, you are unsatisfied, we will send you a full refund.

Editors360.com is one of that leading and highly experienced professional editing and proofreading Services Providers

Our editors have helped thousands of authors, corporate, government agencies, students and individuals to refine their written work


Reasons to Choose our Services

  • Access to professionals

     Editors360.com has a large team of professionals for editors.   From the moment we receive your order, it will be in the hands of professionals skilled in the subject until the end. We continue growing our team to make sure we have professionals from various backgrounds to edit and proofread a wide variety of topics that we receive daily.



  • Excellent customer support 

    Our service is 24/7. You will find someone to respond to your questions and provide necessary support any time of day or night. You can order anytime, and an editor available to start the editing or proofreading even if it is late into the evening. It is easy to reach us through phone, live chat, email and social media platforms.



  • Highly qualified editors

     We have MA and Ph.D. editors who we hire after a strict procedure to evaluate their skills. Their position in our team means that we can guarantee superior editing and proofreading



  • Simple order processes

    Editors360.com has a straightforward and fast ordering process. You just fill an order form on our website with your order instructions,   choose a deadline and upload the document due to editing. Once we confirm your payment, we immediately assign the work. 



  • We can handle assignments of all difficulty 

    We accept orders to edit written work for any subject, topic, and purpose of difficulty.  Since we heave experts from various fields, we will have someone qualified to handle your assignment.



  • We check quality of editing 

    Although we have confidence in our editors, we review orders after editing and proofreading to make sure that we meet your expectations. We test edited content plagiarism to ensure that it original. It is especially a plus for students as no one wants to face accusations of academic theft.



  • We improve all aspects of an order 

    Your editor does not limit editing to text.  Improving format, referencing, sentence structure and harmony is part of our service. We make it simple for you to notice changes by using Word Tracker to highlight changes. The editor will also make comments that will help you to improve your writing in future. In addition to tracked copy, we send a clean copy with changes minus editing highlight and feedback.



  • Pocket-friendly prices 

    Editors360.com charges competitive prices that include free editing if you are not satisfied with the quality of your order.



  • Satisfaction guarantee 

    Our service includes a genuine satisfaction ensure that is not a simple marketing gimmick. If an editor fails to fulfill your requirements, we order for a free revision, and if it still falls short of your expectations, we offer your money back.



  • Confidentiality and privacy  

    Editors360.com offers editing and proofreading service in total confidentiality.  No unauthorized party will access your personal information or payment information. Not even your editor as our website is completely secure.




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Monassa Lisa

Monassa Lisa

Senior Editor

We work to impress all our clients worldwide. We do not disappoint.

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Tydelle Jones

Head of Department, medicine Projects

Our nursing and medicine specialist ensure that your piece is perfectly edited and detailed enough for professionalism.

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Zuhura Lyan

Fashion Writer

We keep you fashion articles on the point in terms of editing. We ensure the target audience really understand and appreciate the information.

Joe Mick

Joe Mick

IT Projects Supervisor

We ensure your technical editing requests are in order and worth your credits.

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Becky D.

 I am grateful to Editors360.com for editing my academic paper to eliminate all the mistakes and improve the format. My tutor was highly impressed, and I will use your service again. 


Becky D.

Media Student, Harvard University

Jonah Martins

I recommend Editors360.com to my fellow authors. I knew about you through a friend, and I ordered for manuscript editing. You enhanced the quality, and I have finally got a publisher after several rejections. David J.

Jonah Martins

Author, Longhorn Publishers

Mellissa F.

I like your customer service.  I got quick answers to all my questions and quick response anytime when I wanted to know about the progress of my order. 

Mellissa F.

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